About the Thuy Trang Tribute fan site

Hello, Thuy Trang fans! If the name of the fan site, Thuy Trang Tribute, sounds familiar, it's because it started back in 1997 on Geocities as a page on my personal Website. It had expanded and gone through several iterations. Alas, Yahoo! shut down the free Web hosting service in 2009. But don't worry, I made a back-up of the content and will integrate it in this new design. There will be new content, of course!

What's the purpose of the site? Well, back then, I founded the site as a means to get in touch with Thuy. I populated it with a biography, screencaps, photos, fan feedback... everything I could dig up. Back then, the Internet was in its infancy, and there wasn't really much information on Thuy. So through the help of fellow fans and visitors of the fan site, I was able to accumulate more facts and photos to share. It eventually spawned a message board, and it was then that a simple fan page had grown to become a community and a collective tribute to Thuy Trang.

Thuy Trang gives thanks for our fan site

Excerpt from a phone conversation I had with Thuy Trang in 2000. Here she talks about shooting a pilot for The Adventures of Traci Z and gives thanks to the fan site [www.thuytrangtribute.com] I created for her.

What's to come?

With the plethora of tribute videos on YouTube, you may have missed out on some touching video compilations. I'll go through them and embed a few of the more poignant ones.

I have assembled a small collection of rare images of Thuy Trang from various signings, agency photos, and exclusive pictures, which I'll scan and share with all of you.

And please, if you have anything to share yourself, please contact me with your contribution to the site. Let's keep Thuy's memory alive!

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