New Facebook page launched!

February 22, 2015

We had a thriving forum on Yahoo! in the early years, but it's been pretty dormant the past few years. As such, a new Facebook page was launched where we hope you will participate in discussion, share memories and photos, and maybe bring back some contests!

We welcome you to share the pics we post on FB, but please credit the owner (us or otherwise) if you share it elsewhere, such as Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. More to come!

Amy Jo Johnson donates personal photos

September 3, 2013

Amy Jo Johnson, who was fondly remembered for her potrayal of Kimberly Hart, was very close friends with Thuy Trang during their time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The former Pink Power Ranger maintained steady acting work since her MMPR days. She appeared as a series regular on Felicity and most recently Flashpoint.

These days, Amy Jo can be found behind the camera as she produces her own independent films. Through indiegogo, she has crowdfunded two of her short movies: Bent and Lines.

One of the perks for Lines was a Power Rangers signed script and photobook. She included this photo as a teaser:

Power Ranger perk includes a photobook with personal photos from Amy Jo Johnson.

We reached out to support Amy Jo's projects, and she responded in kind.

"Thank you so much for your contribution... I want to send you a few other personal photos of Thuy that won't be in the album... Just because you deserve it. And so does Thuy... She was such a funny amazing person."

We graciously thank Amy Jo for sharing -- and allowing us to share -- these personal photos. They can be found on the Gallery page.

And yes, today is the 12th anniversary of Thuy's passing. Please continue to keep her memory alive. #thuytribute

Shannon Lee and Angela Rockwood

July 28, 2013

Two women recently were asked to speak about Thuy Trang. One, the daughter of an iconic martial arts star, and the other, one of Thuy's best friends who was involved in the 2001 car accident.

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee, participated in a Q&A session with the Raptr community on June 24 as part of Bruce Lee Month and the 40th anniversary of Enter the Dragon. She was asked to comment on Thuy, who had a connection to Shannon's late brother, Brandon Lee, of The Crow fame.

"I did not know Thuy. It's a real tragedy that her life was cut short like that. My condolences to her family and friends."

Read the original question and answer on Raptr.

The cast of Push Girls, including Angela Rockwood, live-tweeted during the season 2 finale on July 22. We asked if there was anything she'd like for us to retweet. Her response:

@angelarockwood: ".@thuytribute All I do is for Thuy...and may she continue to guide me every Angel."

Read the original reply from Angela Rockwood on Twitter.

David Yost Gives Thanks

September 4, 2012

David Yost, who portrayed the original Blue Power Ranger and a former castmate of Thuy Trang, sent a tweet today:

@David_Yost: "@thuytribute - I wanted 2 thank you all for memorializing Thuy...Here is 1 of my fav pics I have of us! Best 2 U all!"

David Yost tweeted a photo of him with Thuy Trang

In Loving Memory of Thuy

September 14, 2001

Dear friends and fans of Thuy Trang,

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I inform you that our beloved Thuy Trang passed away in a car accident on September 3, 2001.  I do not know the details of the tragedy, but rather than wonder how Thuy died, let us remember how she lived and affected our lives.

As you may know, this fan site was created in her honour back in 1997.  At the time, there were not many Web sites dedicated to the actress who portrayed the original yellow Power Ranger.  I named the fan site Thuy Trang Tribute because all too often, we do not fully appreciate or praise those whom we admire and love until they pass away.  But why wait?  Thuy's fans certainly did not.

Even though Thuy had been out of the spotlight after her roles in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and The Crow: City of Angels, her fans had written and expressed their thoughts of Thuy in the section called Tribute Talk.  So popular was that feature that I opened up a Yahoo! club to facilitate further discussion about the woman who touched our lives.  Even five years after her last Hollywood project, we've continued to pay tribute to Thuy.

I was lucky enough to be able to speak with Thuy last year over the phone.  She was as warm and as gracious as you would expect.  Her message to you, her fans was:

"Tell all the fans that I completely adore them, and tell them I say, 'Thank you so much', for their love and support; and that I miss them terribly, and hopefully I get to see them or they get to see me up on the screen soon.  And send my love, definitely."

We will miss Thuy terribly in her untimely death, but in her life she touched us dearly.  And for that, we say, "Thank you so much," and send our love and remembrance to Thuy Trang.  Our condolences and prayers to her family and friends.

Condolensces can be sent to Thuy's family care of:

Peek Family Funeral Home
7801 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683
Tel: 714-893-3525
Fax: 714-897-2388

That was the original post I made upon being informed of Thuy Trang's passing in 2001.

For footage from Thuy's memorial service, please visit the videos section.

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